Tuesday, October 2, 2007


My current project is the Mirepoix Bodice [Fall 2007 Interweave Knits], and I am a member of the Mirepoix Bodice Knitalong, also (sidebar).

This will be my first fair isle project. I think it's a really beautiful sweater; I've never done fair isle before because I'm generally not interested in the more traditional patterns, but this one has a very modern style to it.

I am knitting it with elann's Pure Alpaca Fina on Knit Picks Options needles, US sz.4. I decided to make it in more oceanic colors; the main color is a peacock teal, and the fair isle uses a lighter spruce, a light green they called peridot, a dark brown, a somewhat lighter brown, a curry orange, and a golden yellow.

I'm very pleased with the colors. It's always kind of a crap shoot when you pick colors on the computer; sometimes they will be amazingly different than what you had on your monitor. I got lucky this time though. The colors I received are almost identical to what I thought they would be.

So far I have about five inches of the ribbing done on the body. I'm thinking of lengthening it, because I hate when sweaters are too short, but I'm pretty anxious to get to the fair isle, so I might not!

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Mary Jane said...

I know it's a pain to do it, but you can try it on while you go, to see where exactly you want the Fair Isle bit to start. You know that sneaky habit ribbing has of shrinking in length when you stretch it....I love the colors! and the slight fuzz.