Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finished: Lace Slant Hat

I think I'm in love.

First, the yarn; Mountain Colors 4/8's Wool in the wild raspberry colorway. I bought it Thursday night when I went to my "Knit In" at That Yarn Shop. The colors are wonderful, and it has that squishy warmth that seems to be the sole provenance of wool, but with absolutely no scratch. I mean, you could knit underwear out of this stuff. As soon as I saw it, I knew what I wanted to make with it: the Lace Slant Hat from Orange Fish Knits. I've had this pattern bookmarked for awhile, waiting for the perfect yarn, and boy did I find it.

I decided to cast on for it yesterday, because today I'm going with some people from the shop to the Hernando Heritage Festival, to knit on the lawn, and hopefully get more people interested in the "fiber arts". I thought it would be a nice thing to be working on, because I knew I wanted to be using yarn from the shop while I was there. I did not anticipate the addictive nature of this pattern and this yarn.

(My beautiful daughter, modeling. The lace is stretchy enough to allow anyone to wear the hat)

I did have a little trouble at the start; the pattern was written to be knit flat and seamed, and it goes against my religion to seam hats (or anything, really, if it can be avoided). Also, there was no chart, and I can't stand to work lace without one. So I drew out the chart, and started to work in the round, but because of the "slant" I realized I would have to fiddle with the marker at the beginning of the round once in each repeat. After screwing up, and ripping it out, I began again, and this time it was pure magic.

The pattern falls into that perfect sweet spot between mind-numbingly easy, and rip-your-hair-out difficult. And the yarn! It was so wonderful to work with, and watching the colors unfold made it impossible to put down. I finished it yesterday, and now I have to cast on again so I will have something to knit at the festival. I can't wait!

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Greenisus said...

That's an awesome hat, and your daughter is really pretty in it (she looks a lot like you in that picture; I thought it was you for a second).